The online resource for managers and leaders of regional science writers groups

The Congress of Regional Science Writers Groups (SciWriCongress) supports more than 16 local professional networks across the United States. Our mission is to foster a sense of community among regional science writers groups and create more consistent and local support for science writers, as they endeavor to serve the public good.

This website serves three purposes: 1) a collaboratively-curated resource to help Regional Groups leaders share best practices and ideas for cultivating our respective local networks; 2) an encyclopedic guide for anyone interested in creating a new Regional Group; and 3) a directory for scicomm professionals to get to know a Regional Group serving their geographic region, and ways they can volunteer and take leadership.

NOTE: Many sections are being populated / wiki-contributed over time. Please pardon the construction!

Interested in starting a regional science writers group? Email us at to join our network.

The SciWriCongress is an independently organized, volunteer-led effort. We acknowledge the assistance of the National Association of Science Writers (NASW), which has provided meeting spaces for Congress convenings.