Second SciWriCongress

October 25, 2019 | State College, Pennsylvania

The Second Congress of Regional Science Writers Groups

Roll Call

  • Appalachian Science Communicators Present
  • Austin Science Writers Absent
  • Badger Science Writers Absent
  • Capital Science Communicators Present
  • Chicago Science Writers Present
  • D.C. Science Writers Association Present
  • New England Science Writers Present
  • Northern California Science Writers Association Present
  • Northwest Science Writers Association Present
  • Philadelphia-area Science Writers Association Absent
  • San Diego Science Writers Association Present
  • Science Communicators of North Carolina Present
  • Science Writers in New York Absent
  • SoCal Science Writers Present
  • Southwest Science Writers Association Present
  • States with attendees present: Colorado, Florida

SciWri19 Session Description

"The first-ever Congress of Regional Science Writers Groups (SciWriCongress) was held with rousing success in Washington, D.C., at ScienceWriters2018. From the opening to closing gavel, the room was filled with vibrant discussions and insightful presentations by nearly 50 delegates, from 12 regional groups across the United States, as well as unaffiliated guests.

At the Second SciWriCongress this October in Pennsylvania, we are once again gathering delegates from across the United States to discuss challenges and best practices in organizing local professional networks. Delegates will have "floor time" to pose issues and questions for discussion in subsequent "committee" breakout sessions. These breakouts will center on common aspects of regional group management: operations and leadership, funding, member recruitment and engagement, and professional programming.

As one SciWriCongress delegate so succinctly remarked, "Regional Groups are the footprint of NASW for every month there isn't a national conference. We extend the 'in real life' experience beyond the once-a-year." The dynamic conversations, ideas, and energy we generate during SciWriCongress convenings are our way as Regional Groups of giving back to our national community. So come represent your region — and let us unite at Penn State!"

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