New England Science Writers

Vision Statement: We are an independent regional professional group based in the Boston area and immersed in the rapidly changing worlds of science, technology and journalism. We're one of the oldest regional science writers' groups in the US. Read about our history here.

Operations: Steering committee (treasurer, social media coordinator, events coordinator, etc.)

Funding: Membership dues $20 annually

Membership: 275 active members

Programming: Professional programming, social events

Successes and challenges

Successes: We have a diverse, dynamic membership comprised of freelancers, PIOs and media professionals. Popular recent events include a webinar led by a COVID-19 researcher, a series of casual get-togethers called Pizza With A Scientist, an author presentation, a wind farm tour, and summer and winter socials

Challenges: Organizing and hosting events in the Boston area while our membership covers a large geographic area

About the region

Geographic Setting: Members are accepted from the five New England states

Media and scientific community: The region is a hotbed of science communication, due to a heavy concentration of pharma, tech and other industries, plus world-class health care and educational institutions