Southwest Science Writers Association

Southwest Science Writers Association

Group Details

Mission Statement: To unite Southwest science communicators for professional development.

Vision Statement: An online and in person network of people whose work relates to science communication; a cohesive group who can act together, discuss, and meet; a source of connection and expertise

Operations: A board acts on behalf of the membership, with key positions identified (president, VP, Treasurer, etc)

Funding: A not-for-profit status, based on membership, donations and grants.

Membership: Members will be drawn heavily from the local areas of major cities of the Southwest (broadly defined). Membership will be open to anyone who communicates science to the public.

Programming: Happy Hours and board meetings are our current programs. We hope to implement some of the following over the next year:

Job Board

Freelance/Member Directory

Professional Development Day

Scholarship to NASW meeting to represent SWSWA


Holiday Party

Annual Writing Award

Field trips

Online & In-person networking (online trade show, online membership meetings)

Pitch Slam

Science Cafes

Successes and Challenges

Three Successes:

  1. Identifying the need for a community of science writers in SW

  2. Our formation in August 2019

  3. Launching the website,

Three Challenges:

  1. Finding all the science writers and communicators in our area.

  2. Uniting them in a useful way.

  3. Providing professional development opportunities.

About the Region

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Science Community: